Friday, December 01, 2006


I am thankful to not be living in the mid-west and east, having the terrible weather they are suffering from. However, I am going to bitch about my California weather. Yikes, egad, and gazooks, it is cold.

The weather dude said it would warm up today. Ha! I certainly don't consider the temperature going from 31 to 32 warming up! I will admit to being momentarily pleased when we reached 53 today but it was only for about 2 minutes and the temp immediately began to plunge. Yesterday the high was 49 so am up 4 degrees from yesterday. Sure doesn't feel warmer to these old bones.

I stand by my earlier statement that if it is cold enough to snow I see no reason why I should not have snow. Not snow that stays longer than a day. Just some fat fluffy snowflake eye candy drifting past my window. Enough snow to transform the redwoods into a winter wonderland that I can take pictures. Enough snow to crunch under my boots as I get more wood for the wood stove.

Maybe then Bailey will get under the covers and share some of her body heat.

Took this picture today after Bman strung these on his deck. Christmas has arrived in the redwoods.

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