Saturday, December 30, 2006

Token and Goldie

It has been a while since I've featured the puppies. Poor babies will probably be referred to as the puppies even in their old age. They will be 2 on Feb. 27 but at less than 10 lbs each, they are puppies.

As I mentioned before, Baby Girl spent her birthday night here. Since it was also Christmas Eve eve and Token could not go with us to Jen's for Christmas (silly no pet rule at the complex), she brought Token's main gift with her. She also took these photos.

This is Token wearing his new quilted vest that proclaims he is in fact a rock star, deserving of adoration and fawning fans.

Goldie decided she was not going to cooperate with the camera and turned her head away in every photo. I think she was miffed she did not get a new outfit*. She was wearing her favorite red sweater which sets off her blond fur perfectly for photos but she was doing the uppity unhappy New York City model not getting her way pout.

Baby Girl also did stockings for Token and Bailey. Token's was red plaid and bone shaped while Bailey's was matching red plaid and fish shaped. Each stocking has a place to put their picture which is piped in green on a red velvety background. Very cute and they were stuffed with treats and goodies and toys.

Bailey showed no interest in her goodies until she discovered there was gourmet (wet) cat food. Now she begrudgingly eats the dry but only after vocalizing her severe disappointment.

*Goldie did get a new holiday outfit from Baby Girl but not until Christmas. It was in Token's stocking.

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