Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Picked up another inch and a quarter, bringing the year to date total to 8-3/4". Picked up most of the rain early yesterday morning when, contrary to what the local weather dude said, the rain did not stay to the north of the San Francisco Bay. As you can see by this picture taken this afternoon from my deck, the mosses are thriving. Even though it is currently not raining, the trees are still dripping with a plop, plop, plop that seems to fall on the back of my neck without fail.

Had a wood delivery Monday and they did not get here until after 8pm. The wood deliverers' do not stack the wood, just off load it from the truck to a location within tossing distance from the truck. So I have a pile of oak and madrone out front of the house near the big oak and it was cold and dark and the weather dude said the rain would stay well north of me. Can you see where this is going?

Let's just say the picture me of outside in my jammies in the rain, finding and grabbing a tarp from the side of the house, dragging it over to the wood, and discovering the wood pile was more spread out than the distance my tarp covered - well, it was not a pretty picture to me but was probably pretty funny to anyone watching. Since I had jumped out of bed when I woke up and heard the rain, my brain was still trying to fully wake up. That is why I was out in the rain in flannel jammies, furry slippers and a watch cap. Did not even think to look around to see if any one else was out there laughing at me.

Contrary to what my ex would say, I do not melt when wet.

I planted pink ladies under the front bedroom window a couple of years ago. They came up last year but no blooms and I thought the gophers or moles or other root eaters had gotten to them because they disappeared. I was wrong because they are coming back up again. Fingers and toes crossed they bloom before I move. Whenever I see pink ladies, I always think of my mother and the house on Charlton Drive where I spent my pre-teen and teen years. I remember my mom planting pink ladies there among the carnations and her saying the long wait for the blooms was a worthwhile one. I don't know the official name for pink ladies - they are similar to an amaryllis but their tuber more begonia-like than bulb. They have a long single stalk with one large pink lily shaped flower at the top and no leaves - which is why another name for them is a naked lady. If and when they bloom, I'll be sure to take a picture.


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Suz, you are doing some beautiful posting of your thoughts and your pics. H&K

  2. Thanks, Joanie. Good to see ya visiting.