Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Nothing New

Nothing new. Cold. Been in the 40's during the day but as soon as the sun goes behind the mountain, wham, we are in the 30's. Have been down in the high 20's the past couple of nights. But rain is coming and it should warm up. That is one of the things I love up here - it warms up when it rains. I've had days where it has poured cats and dogs and the high was 55 and the low 50.

Baby girl flies in tomorrow. Good thing Jen is picking her up at the airport because my car's battery is dead, again. Just won't hold a charge anymore. Jumped it yesterday, drove it around most of the afternoon, making several stops, went out to start it today and zip. Zilch. Gonna have to get a new one - and quick - because Baby girl flies in tomorrow. Dayam dayam, double dayam and drat! As Gilda would say, it's always something.

My neighbor is stuck in the snowstorm in Denver. Her mom passed away last week and she was back there for the funeral. Was supposed to fly home today. Now it looks like she won't get home until maybe Friday. Luckily, baby girl's flight is not affected (so far - fingers and toes crossed).

Really just a blah couple of days here at the little cottage by the creek in the redwoods.

The picture is of Bear Creek, looking north from the wood bridge. The fallen tree is still there, along with all the leaves and such trapped by the tree. Still waiting for a good sized storm to bring a big push of water to get things moving.

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