Sunday, December 10, 2006

Two More Inches

Got another two inches between yesterday afternoon and this afternoon. My year to date total is now 7 and 1/2". An inch and a half had fallen by 9pm with the rest coming in bands during the night. The creek is now a tannish-brown but there was not enough rain to wash the debris out. Oh well, more storms to come and one will most certainly clean out the tangle of tree limbs and leaves that are just downstream of the fallen tree.

Twas a kick back day here at the little cottage on the creek in the redwoods. Slept late. Ate comfort foods. Listened to Netcom dispatch medics and fire personnel to their respective calls here in Santa Cruz County. Not as many as yesterday, and haven't heard a wires down or tree down call in several hours now. Checked out the Pacific Satellite Loop at SFGate and it looks like more rain is on the way. This is a pattern that is good - rain and then a break and then more rain. The break in between storms is important as it allows the creeks and rivers to do their jobs. The most it has rained since I've been up here has been close to 7" in one day and the creek handled it just fine.

I have the fire going in the wood stove, both Token and Goldie are vying for the best spot in front of the stove now that we are back from a short walk so they could do their business. Bailey is enjoying the quiet of my room, napping at the foot of my bed where she has a birds eye view in case either or both of the d-o-g-s come in. Goldie has on her red sweater but Token is being a manly dog and making do with his original fur coat.

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