Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wrong, Again.

What a waste of time and energy. The friggin weather dude was, of course, wrong again. Picked up a whole 1/4" of rain and the low was 36. Jeez, whatta marrouse that guy is. Does he really think that I believe him today after yesterday's hype? Even during last night's weather report, he was calling for Boulder Creek to be below freezing - he predicted our low to be 30 degrees.

Egad, the reports yesterday sounded like we were going to really be hit like those in Oregon and Washington. The jerk even said this was the southern edge of the same storm system that hit those states so disastrously earlier this week. I admit it, I fell for the media hype and I know better.

The way I figure it, since this guy is calling for it to go down to 28 tonight, I should dig out my bikini instead of bringing in the frost tender plants.

Year to date rain totals: The 1/4" from yesterday brings me to 9" for the year.

Baby girl called from Utah last night, shortly before 11pm, to tell me it was snowing there. She flys in later this week, just in time to celebrate her 18th birthday and, of course, Christmas.

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