Thursday, November 30, 2006

Baby, Its Cold Outside!

Yikes! 31 this morning. It is almost 9am and it is only 32 outside now.

Twas a two dog night last night, with both Goldie and Token under the covers with me. Bailey did not join us. Maybe to a fur coat wearing cat it wasn't cold enough to bed with a human and 2 dogs but the rest of us were all hunkered down (under down), trying to stay warm. Both dogs are still under the covers in the bedroom at this moment.

I don't use my heater unless I absolutely positively have too. I got up this morning and turned on the heater but only while I got the wood stove going. It was so cold that I had to warm up the lighter in my hands before it would work.

If it is going to be cold enough to snow it just doesn't seem fair to be that cold without the white stuff making a temporary appearance. Would make this cold morning more bearable if there were fat snowflakes floating by the window. Eye candy snow. Not enough to last but enough to be able to make a snow angel, take pictures, and maybe convince Bailey to join us under the covers.

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