Thursday, December 28, 2006

Power Restored

I was one of those without power since Tuesday night. PGE got power restored to my little neck of the redwoods tonight. PGE is saying there may be areas in the Santa Cruz Mountains where power is not restored until Saturday. Yikes.

I made do well. I got two books for Christmas and have finished one and a wee bit more than halfway done with the second. Would read by day and knit at night by the light of my trusty oil lamp. Old fashioned coffee, made with boiling water from the gas stove. Blazing fire going in the wood stove. Baby Girl gave me a battery powered color changing candle that provided the light show for the fine music I was listening to.

Fired up the boom box (which takes 8 D batteries and 4 AA ones by the way but sounds great) and listened to KPIG. KPIG (The Pig as it is known around here) does a fine job of keeping us mountain folks informed about road and power problems, while providing us fine music to listen to as we wait for the power to return. Real DJ's, local folks who actually select the music they want to play! You can listen online - just click on the link and then click on any of the listen links.

Wednesday morning there was no way out of Boulder Creek. The crews are amazingly fast. The roads are open now.

So, what have I missed? My power went out just after it was announced late Tuesday night that former President Ford had passed away.

Tuesday's storm delivered 1 and 3/4 inch rain, bringing my year to date total to 11 3/4".

I took these photos yesterday - one from my deck looking upstream towards the wood bridge; one looking downstream from the wood bridge.


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Looks pretty, if inconvenient. And with heat, light, books and KPIG, it sounds downright comfy.

  2. Thanks, Kevin, it is a very special place. Hate having to sell but I'm looking forward to finding another special place up in in your neck of the woods. I can listen to KPIG online no matter where I'm based.