Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summer On The Creek

This is looking north from the wood bridge, showing the 80' tree that fell a few months back. The tree has been cut into chunks (but left in place to naturally decompose) so the water can flow freely. You can see the pool that was created behind the tree when it fell.

This is the view looking south, downstream to where the creek flows into the river. It has been in the 90's the past few days and the creek is refreshingly cold. About 4pm the afternoon breeze comes in. Lovely summer afternoons on the deck, overlooking the creek, watching the brazen hussy squirrels and the jays battle for turf in the creek.

The woodpeckers and chickadees have claimed the front yard and its birdfeeder. The jays will eat seed that drops to the ground and the birdfeeder is genuinely squirrel-proof. No more squirrels climbing on my window screen trying to get to the feeder.

Haven't seen mama deer and her babies for a while. Thankfully, the skunks seem to have moved on. Salmon on the grill tonight. Hope I find a peaceful place like this in Oregon.

Yesterday was my oldest daughter's 29th birthday. My youngest turns 18 this December. The years go by so fast, yet time seems to slow up here in my little cabin on the creek.

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