Thursday, June 22, 2006

Frontline Update

Frontline now has The Dark Side up for viewing on their website. They have broken the show up into 6 viewing segments, helpful for those of us on dialup. There are also extended interviews, charts, and even a discussion group regarding the show on that site.

Cheney and Rumsfeld are linked going back to the 50's and shown to be the Cold War throw-backs they are. The show starts with Cheney's decision immediately after 9/11 to put into action his and Rumsfeld's desire to invade Iraq. It connects all the dots: the choice NOT to caputure Bin Laden at ToraBora, the tossing out of of legitimate intelligence in favor of intelligence operations run by the Office of the Vice President that showed what Cheney needed to go to war, the destruction of the CIA, the outing of a CIA agent, it is all there for those searching for the truth about our country.

Cheney and Rumsfeld and their political operatives have co-opted our government for their own use.

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