Monday, June 12, 2006

YKos Without Me, A Summary of a Left Behind Progressive

I'm finished moping about not being able to hang out with all the cool kids in Vegas at YKos this past weekend. The convention has come to an end and I've been captivated by the live blogging, CSPAN coverage, and general buzz around blogtopia * this weekend. Some media coverage by the usual suspects, but some nice stuff too, including an article on the AP News wire and one from Britian. More to come, hopefully all good, after Markos appeared on Meet the Press yesterday. I have my fingers and toes crossed but I am generally not known for being optimistic. As my profile says, I'm double Irish. I'm well acquainted with my cousin, Murphy (him and that blankity-blank law of his).

I'm taking a wait and see attitude. Been busy in between hitting the refresh page button by doing some more packing and cleaning, getting my cabin by the creek ready for sale. If a private sale does not materialize by the end of next week, I'm signing the paperwork to put it on the market.

Still hanging out on various Oregon sites, trying to narrow down where I'm headed - I'm thinking along the coast between Nehalem Bay and Newport.

(yes, Skippy coined that phrase)

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  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Have you ever attended the Kos convention?