Monday, September 14, 2009

Wish I Wudda Been There

Featured this video over at the lake tonight. It's so good I had to bring it over here.

The Manhattans vs The Cadillacs vs The Drifters vs The Temptations vs The Four Tops in The Battle Of The Groups. If for some reason the video doesn't play here, click on the battle of the groups link and open up the video in another tab.

Sure wudda loved to have been in the audience that night.


  1. Hey Sistah Suz! Great vid . . . loved it at the Lake.

    Still recovering from BerryFest, and other stuff.

    But life is good! *G*

    Luvs me my MoTown!!!


  2. hey larue - i'm a'waiting for your recovery so i can hear all about berry fest.

    learned how to get my groove on with motown records... can't imagine what my life would have sounded like without 'em.