Monday, September 21, 2009

Last Day Of Summer

Today is the last day of summer. Was warm here - we got up to 91 - warmer than Portland who was only in the 80's. Tomorrow they are supposed to get more of the heat and I should be about the same.

Bird Rescue on the bay today. My landlord saw a brown pelican with a very badly broken wing in the first cove and called Bird Rescue. When they arrived, the bird spooked further out into the water and on the other side of the first point. He grabbed his canoe and paddled over to where rescue was, and then paddled over to the other side of the point. He said the bird was netted quickly and did not put up any struggle. Rescue will call him and let him know if the bird survives.

Token always puts on his happy face when visiting so many have not seen his grumpy face. This is why I call him a grumpy old man:

Of course as soon as he realized I had the camera out, he put on his happy face:

The happy face was, of course, before he had his vet appointment this afternoon - the second shot of the doggie dental vaccine. He was a trooper!


  1. TOKEN!! What a pup!! Tucker says Woof Woof(hi Token) and wuff wuuf (tell Mom to give you a treat from me)
    Hope you are doing great now Suz... Will try to see you and Busted in late October when I will be up there...

  2. hey nahant - token said for me to tell you to tell tucker thanks for the pupperoni

    let me know the when dood... looking forward to seeing your ugly mug again. ms j coming up with you?

  3. The Good Lord willing, I won't be in jail, lookin' forward to it.

  4. oh babe, i'd go your bail for ya.

  5. No she will be back teaching in full swing 7 days a week... I do wish she could come along but what can ya do??? Looks like it will be about around the 22nd so I can be there for my oldest's B-Day.. 37th.. shit he is trying to catch up to me../s