Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday, Tillamook got up to 95 and it was hot here on the bay - 91 was the official temp for Netarts but my gauge showed it was 94. Today - well today it is 65 and gray outside. A perfect day for running around in long sleeves and fleece.

Drove into town to get critter food. Luckily, the feed store also sells local milk and eggs so I did not have to head to the megamart. I'm still embarrassed - what if I smile (or am talking) and the clerk and/or other customers see I have no teeth on the upper left? I know it is just me - when I stopped at the coffee shack, there were no shocked faces or other outward indication that I look like a freak or anything. I know that in a few days, I'll be thinking how silly I was but I'm not there - yet. Today it was reassuring to go into the feed store and leave feeling like I had proved something to myself.

Chance of rain according to the weather dood. Probably more of a chance of drizzle rather a good soaking. My poor fuchsias got too hot and too much sun these past couple days. The just opening buds fared the worst. I'm hoping the good soaking I gave them yesterday coupled with the cooler weather today provided enough recovery that I don't lose all the flowers.


  1. skeptic6:00 PM

    good on ya, Suz! - skeptic

  2. thanks skeptic - boosted my spirits to get over that hurdle. next stop - safeway!


  3. skeptic8:05 PM

    I don't know if they still carry it -- it's been years since I've had access to a Safeway -- try the chocolate/marshmallow ice cream. It's what started me gaining weight when I stopped flying for Braniff so many years ago.

  4. thanks skeptic - i'll remember its dangers if they still carry it.