Saturday, September 26, 2009

Equal Time

Bailey Cat is demanding equal face time* here at TwoTon. As you can see, she has been vigilant in keeping an eye on the bird feeder on the deck. I think she thinks she is keeping Token and I safe from marauding birds or something. Her gaze is pretty intense but she doesn't fool me. Tonight, I caught her and Token sleeping together in my bed. Both of them curled up around each other like a ying-yang symbol. Under the covers.

Mouth is still healing. I started eating semi-soft food instead of just soft foods - was getting dayam tired of Cream of Wheat. Last night, I had a slice of peach cobbler slathered with whipped cream. Chewing on just the right side of my mouth feels funny - especially since I am missing some teeth on that side. The new hole from the pulled molar on the right certainly lets me know if I bite down wrong -- I'm not ready to test the gums on the left.

*today must be caturday


  1. Cats have a way of staring at nothing as though it's the most important thing in the world. When there's something interesting to stare at they can be even worse.

    Glad to read things are getting better.

  2. CATURDAY??? Hmmmm I wonder what Busted thinks of that?(:>))
    Glad to hear you are healing Suz... Have a great day.
    And Tucker sends Token a PupCorn treat!! And he says Woof Woof!

  3. cujo - what cracks me up about the photo is that there are no birds at the feeder - yet she is looking at it as if the feeder had a gazillion birds on it and she was picking out dinner.

    hey nahant - token says pupcorn??? nom nom nom

    mouth is doing better each day. a good thing :)

  4. LoudounLib11:00 PM

    Hi Suz! Lovely shot of Bailey-cat...I love gray kittehs :-)

  5. hey LL - nice to see ya - she sure is pretty -- but very camera shy

  6. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Beautiful kitteh..


  7. yay - it worked sunny! thanks