Friday, September 04, 2009

Whatcha Gonna Do?

Tis the last official weekend of summer - Labor Day Weekend. Lotsa birds gathering on the bay today before the rain hits tonight. Storm coming in this weekend that is forecast to bring us some well needed rain.

The flocks of birds were swooping and swerving, jockying with other flocks for their desired prime spots.

Have a fire going with a nice stack of wood next to the stove. The first bands of rain are offshore just south of Lincoln City (about an hour south of me).

Weather dood says the cold front will move onshore about 0430 Saturday morning and there could be some lightning. *big ole smile on my face* Guess I'll be staying inside this Labor Day Weekend. Oh crap, I just remembered - Token and Bailey both need food -- tomorrow I have to head into Tillamook and do some shopping. But once I get home...I'm in for the duration.

Whatcha gonna do...

Salt N Pepper - Shoop

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