Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Dog Days?

September has arrived. Still plenty of birds in the bay but the barn swallows have left for the year. Their babies have left the nest and the deck seems very quiet now.
Bob the cat (my landlords cat) was chilling on the stairs under the rose that tries to eat the deck. Token has been making friendship overtures to Bob who tends to ignore him (and not swat at him too often). Token is lounging in the sunshine on the deck - we are forecast to have rain this weekend. The weather dood was joking on tv that if it is Labor Day it must be raining.

Hooked up with my best friend forever from when I was a wayward youth via Facebook. Ami was my co-conspirator and partner in creating ruckus in the very boring Pleasant Hill days. We lost track of each other shortly after Stephanie was born and have a couple of decades to catch up on.

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