Saturday, October 18, 2008


I mentioned in the post below that One Fly had tagged me. Here are my answers:

1. Clothes Shop: Me? Clothes shop? I have stuff that is wearable from the early 70's.

2. Furniture Shop: Dayam, this is hard. I don't furniture shop either. I did buy a sofa loveseat set about 12 years ago. Does that count?

3. Sweet: Depends on the day - pastries, cookies, ice cream, cake, pie, oh dear, well, if it is sweet I like it :)

4. City: Exactly where I am right now. Rural but close enough to Tillamook that I can shop local and an hour away from the big city of Portland

5. Drink: Alcohol - not so much but when I do, champagne.

6. Music: If it's good, I like it. I like music ranging from the Greatest Hits of the 1600's to electric blues; from Hank Senior to Stevie Ray, classic to head banging.

7. TV Series: PBS and HGTV shows. Network: My Name Is Earl.

8. Film: I haven't seen a film since Shrek 2. I gotta get our more I guess.

9. Workout: Retired and no longer working out on duty. I chase Token and Bailey around but my keyboard gets more of a workout that I do.

10: Pastries: My step-dad is the best pastry maker around. Anything he makes I'll happily eat.

11. Coffee: Continuously. A double latte with thick foam if I'm treating myself for going into town. Otherwise, the stuff that comes outta my coffee maker.

Who to tag now?

Betsy at Relaxed Politics' Beach House
Teh Kitteh Antidote (even though she has not blogrolled me)
Onery Bastard

More photos here.


  1. I Suz- I have no idea what this tag thing is about, but thanks.

    If you look at my blog roll, you will see that it is limited to rude and crude, and a very short list at that.

    You certainly don't fit into the above! I am still learning my way around blogger, and if I can, I will add another category "other friends around the blogosphere" and include you.

    As I said, I am still learning. I only recently figured out how to put up two separate categories, one for kitteh links, and one for the other.

  2. p.s. where do I answer the series of questions?

  3. vg, you put your answers up at your place and then tag 5 bloggers.

    and i was just kidding about you not blogrollng me dear - yanking your chain vg

  4. OK, I'm done. I didn't tag anyone else though.

    Suzanne, if all goes well I still plan on showing up next weekend. I actually have insurance on the Beast now!

  5. cool busted - looking foward to it