Sunday, October 12, 2008

Laid Back Sunday

Today was a laid back Sunday - spent the afternoon talking with my loved ones on the phone and took some pictures. No sunsets today - I was eating my delicious bowl of chicken and dumplings and there was no great color - just a deepening of the gray into night.

Here are a few of the pictures - more at this link. Some show views from inside looking out, like this from the dining room looking out towards the garden and apple trees:

This one is is looking from the living room out to the bay:

Living room view of trees:

Token sitting in a chair close to the stove:

A laid back Sunday :)


  1. ahhh so luscious!

  2. What about fishing?

  3. next door to a fish hatchery one fly - and there's crabbing and clamming out on the bay.

    that reminds me, i gotta figure out what oregon's rules are for fishing and crabbing and clamming. i s'pose i could ask my neighbor downstairs - a park ranger...

  4. Look at that little Token, what's he thinking?
    "Mmm, cozy here!"

  5. margot, i moved the furniture around today and now the sofa is where those chairs were.

    token approves :)

  6. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I wish I had as good subject matter to take shots off. Expensive camera and all I do is fire stuff.

  7. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Suzanne That anonymous is really TFPA3

  8. TFPA!!!

    dood, good to hear from ya - how's the east coast treating ya?

    'sides, fire stuff can be exciting (laughing).