Monday, October 27, 2008

Losing Time

I've been losing track of time every afternoon. This is the reason why - forking glorious eye candy. These were taken through the living room window - where my computer sits. No wonder I don't get anything done until after dark (laughing).

I'm pinching myself daily - I still can't believe I have had the good luck to be able to live here. I'm getting right handy at getting my firewood upstairs and am settling in nicely. I'm thinking about curtains, what stuff will go where. Guess I'm gonna have to get off my tushkie and order my POD up here. We've had gloriously sunny days and I know I will regret not ordering the POD before the fall and winter rains hit.

I am not looking forward to the second half of the move - all the unpacking and putting away of stuff. Especially since every box, every carton and every piece of furniture has to be moved upstairs. Oy. Back to doing my Katie Scarlet O'Hara - I'll think about that tomorrow.


  1. I'll be putting stuff away for a long time too. Things that I was going to need right away that were put where it was easy to find I can't find.

  2. ha! there are boxes in the POD that were still unpacked from when i moved to the cozy cottage by the creek in the redwoods.

  3. I will bring extra rain gear, and pain killers.

  4. (laughing) i'll share my heating pad with ya busted.