Thursday, October 30, 2008

Riders On The Storm

Snoop Dogg feat. The Doors - Riders on the Storm.

Am waiting for a storm myself - not a big one but the rain is welcome.


  1. I'll remind you that you just said that in May.

  2. Hello,
    this is an introductory comment and you just made yourslef a new reader and I would like to return here?

  3. hey busted - may? it stops raining in may? i thought it rained all year round up here (laughing)

    red eye ii - welcome and please visit again.

  4. No honey, it doesn't stop raining in May but by then you will be wishing it would.
    Look about July.

  5. hahahaha good thing i like rain - i lived in a temperate rain forest that got 75" a year when i was at the cabin. i like the idea of it being spread out more instead of concentrated in just a few months.

    of course, it is not may yet (laughing)