Friday, October 10, 2008


I uploaded some pictures I took today. The hail on the deck was taken late late last night shortly after the first of two hail cells that moved through. The sunset at low tide pictures were taken from either the deck or through the dining room windows tonight.

Enjoy the eye candy. More pictures here.


  1. I'm confused, are you in AK or ORegone?

    Just wondering; my wife was looking and she said something about bipolar sites and pictures. I haven't had my first cup yet! Please elucidate or I just might vote for the canadians...eeek!

    Being a dual citizen of course, I am writing in Chucky B

  2. I'm on Netarts Bay along the north coast of Oregon.

    I totally understand about the first cup - am not a civilized person until I've had a cup.

  3. Well, I've switched from coffee now to the "good" stuff. Love your pictures and if I can figger it out, I'm going to post a couple of pictures of a wolf that I took yesterday.

  4. How do I post pictures suzanne?
    Give me the code and I'll blow you away

  5. when writing a post, there is a toolbar that includes bold, italics, to embed a link, and to upload a picture, among others. its the one that looks a picture and when you hover your mouse over it, it says ADD IMAGE. click on it and it walks ya through the steps.

    hope that helps, tsul