Thursday, October 09, 2008


Enigma - Sadeness.

Waiting for the cold to hit - there is an Alaska storm headed this way with a freeze warning for Friday and Saturday. That will mainly be inland - here at the coast we should hit the low 40's. Was watching the clouds dancing with the moon tonight and they shifted direction to moving from the north to the south.

Having a cord of wood delivered later this afternoon. Am hoping that a little $ persuasion will entice the wood guy to help me get some of the cord up onto the decks - or at least the bay side deck. Fingers and toes crossed.


  1. Right you are. I have been out getting the fiberglas greenhouse ready to move. I hope it will stay put till this blow goes by, and we can get it moved this weekend and ready to go before the frost.

  2. fingers and toes crossed it stays put until ya get it ready to go.

    my wood guy called just now and wont be able to deliver my wood until tomorrow. *sigh*

  3. Damet, I am having troubles wit the videos here too. I will se about updating the flash player, again.

    Ya know, Mr. Natural is up the road from ya a bit. Across the Big River and then some.
    Hell of a nice guy.
    He likes the Blues too.

  4. hey busted - if you are using firefox, go to tools in your toolbar, click on add-ons in the pull down menu. then go to the shockwave flash player, disable it, refresh the page, enable the player and refresh the page again.

    presto chango - that always makes the utubes play again.

    we pnw'ers are gonna have to get together one day.