Wednesday, October 01, 2008

At Last

Beyonce making Miss Etta proud - At Last.

i am home

me and token and bailey the cat (as opposed to bailey the dog downstairs) are forking wiped out. i am going through the 96 emails still sitting in my email inbox, dinner is warming up (frozen left over pot roast soup i brought with me for tonight). no tv. gonna go get a small (and cheap) one tomorrow when i get up - along with a coffee pot. gotta be able to watch the veep debate yanno - geez, i'm a political geek

i'll get the pod when i get the pod and then i'll have a small (cheap) tv in the second bedroom and a backup coffee pot (laughing)

i'm so forking tired. feels good just to sit with the heating pad on my back and a fire going in the stove - sucka does put out heat and makes nice cracking noises and pops so its not so silent here - although i do have kpig on. met the downstairs neighbor and her dog bailey - she's an early to bed early get up kinda person - park ranger at cape lookout.

on my first trip bringing up my stuff, i saw a black bear cub (but not a baby - looks like not quite a yearling) at cape lookout as i was driving here - he was waiting for me pass by before crossing the road -didn't see mom but she had to be around. on my second trip, i saw deer munching on someone's garden - i think they are both very good omens. there was a large flock of geese on the bay when i got here and they were hanging out with the pelicans according to the landlord (she was here when i made the first run).

here, i can totally relax. i feel the crap of the past couple years falling off me as i sit here.

i'm putzing, sitting, gonna eat, putz some more. of course, its not real putzing - i'm putting away stuff but doing a lotta sitting. i can hear the surf across the bay on the other side of the spit and the sunset was glorious with birds calling

*i'm too tired to capitalize and make all the punctuation proper - i promise to be doubly good with the next post to make up for it (laughing)

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