Thursday, September 01, 2011

Last Sunset of August

This is a photo of last night's sunset -- the last sunset of August.

The car is home from the mechanics. Turns out to have been an easy (and relatively inexpensive) fix -- there was air in the brake line and they had to bleed the line and then put in more brake fluid. Woohoo happy dance for not having to replace the master cylinder and/or brake booster. Tis good to be mobile again and the drive home was worry free :)


  1. Lovely, Suzanne, thanks for this.

    Good news about the car, too!

  2. thanks teddy -- tis a huge relief

    sure was a pretty sunset last night :)

  3. LoudounLib6:24 PM

    Yay for the beautiful sunset and for being mobile again!

  4. hey ll -- and for a sunny all day day *knocking on wood* i don't think i'll have much color tonight -- hardly any clouds along the horizon to reflect and amplify the color