Monday, August 29, 2011

August Sunset

I've been derelect in taking care of this place. It's not like I've gone anywhere - my car's brakes went out the beginning of the month and goes to the mechanic on the first -- when I can afford to have it fixed. I'm gonna have AAA tow it there since it has been sitting for the past month with minimal brakes and I'm not going to risk driving it there. No car means no trips to see Jen and Julianna so I'm jonesin' real bad. I've been making calls for the lake's membership drive during the day and, of course, spending my nights by the virtual campfire at my Late Late Night FDL posts. Was real ticked off that no car meant I could not attend Busted's wedding :( I was really looking forward to seeing him and NG get hitched.

Jen and Julianna spent a week down in CA this month and are back home. Kayla and Karina headed back to their mom's in Alaska the same day Jen flew to CA -- their flights were about 30 minutes apart so they all went to the airport as a group.

Jen posted on Facebook that Julianna rolled over yesterday! Woohoo, now the fun and games begin :) Pretty soon she will be scooting and then crawling and before we know it, she will be totally mobile. Julianna is looking more and more like Jen at this age - looking at pictures of her is like looking through a time machine window back to 1977. I'm hoping Jen will send me more photos so I can share them.

My mom is going to be coming up to see Jen and me in September. I'm going to be sure to get some 4 generations photos. I've not seen Mom since Jen's wedding so it will be great to see her again!

My landlord came and removed the temporary plate at the bottom of the wood stove and is having a new plate fabricated. Gotta have the stove in tip top shape - fall is already here on the coast and the nighttime temperatures are starting to steadily drop.

Still have had only 4 days in a row of sunshine this summer. The picture up top was taken on Wed, Aug 24th which was a sunny day but the clouds came in towards sunset. Luckily, they didn't come completely in before sunset so I was able to see some color instead of the gray. As always, you can click on the photo to biggify it.


  1. Huzzah, sunset at last! I've missed those. Can't wait for your car to get fixed so we get more bebbe pics, too! Immobility sux.

  2. hey dana -- thank goodness i've had several folks offer to take me into town when i need a ride -- downstairs and my landlord and my landlord's sun and the neighbors to the north. i'm really lucky to have such nice people around me -- am making a fruit crumble as a thank you for downstairs.

    twill be good to be mobile again but its not as bad as i thought it would be when the brakes went out. it forces me to be more organized when i do need to go into town and combine stops.

    it was the best sunset i've had this month -- the combo of some clouds and color really popped. most of them have been gray - just like the days :)

  3. errr landlord's son... i do know how to spell - geez

  4. LoudounLib3:41 PM

    Wow, lurrrrve those colors Suz! Thanks for sharing that gorgeous sunset.

    So sorry your car has been out of commission all this time - I'm sure you'll be doing that snoopy happy dance once it's fixed and you can get on the road again.

    Jujube is growing up so fast! Rolling over already, wow...can't wait to see more pics when you get them!

  5. hey ll -- i'll be dancing that snoopy happy dance but my wallet wont be :(

    i can't wait for it to be fixed and i can get over the hill to see my girls. i know i've missed so much of jujube's progress being holed up at home

  6. LoudounLib3:58 PM

    You can lavish a whole lot of that grammy love on her next time you see her - you've got some saved up ;-)

  7. for sure ll -- poor little babe ain't gonna know why her grammy is acting that way but she for sure is gonna feel the love

  8. Great pic! Thanks for linkin to my FB wall!

    Sad about the car issues . . . gotta get you some better wheels somehow . . . dreamin big here . . . something with AC so if ya head south it's more comfortable . . . good gas mileage, NEWER, something you can drive 100K with only tires or brakes n tunes n hoses n stuff . . . some kind of a Suz Fundraiser . . . Larue Swims Netarts? Larue swims half way? Larue bobs Netarts? I dunna . . . but for a woman of yer stature in the blogsphere we gotta get you a good used car somehow. Now that I think of it, WE could use two new used cars too . . . must be goin round . . . LeSigh, hang tough. If I knew Soros I'd hammer him for some Suz Support . . . hell, you could offer some good press LLN n all that! ;-)

    Best to ya Suz, hang tough . . . wish I had an answer . . . dreamin on it for ya tho . . . never know . .

  9. aw thanks larue -- busted found me this car and its in tip top shape other than either the brake booster or the master cylinder going out. i'm actually doing better than i thought i would being carless out here in the sticks. thank goodness i have wonderful neighbors!!!

  10. Damn, too bad about the car, especially since it kept you away from Busted's wedding. Let's hope you're only one new master cylinder away from a new one...

    Nice sunset, too. I was missing those.

  11. thanks cujo -- i've been missing them too. i talked to busted about the brakes and he concurred with what the guy said when i took it in at the beginning of the month. i only wish they had held out for one more month ...