Thursday, September 08, 2011

Clamming In The Fog

Its been socked in here for several days now -- yesterday I had bright sunshine until around 4pm when the sun disappeared behind a heavy blanket of clouds and fog. Today it has been foggy all day -- not a surprise when it is hot in Portland, it tends to be foggy here.

The picture up top was taken a few days ago -- shows folks returning to the fish hatchery nearby after clamming during low tide. As always, click the picture to biggify it.


  1. All this time and I didn't know about the biggify thingie.

  2. now ya do -- and once its just the picture, you should be able to click it again and biggify it even bigger mary

  3. LoudounLib12:22 AM

    Hi Suz, I knew about the biggifying but I sure didn't know about the biggifying of the biggified! That's neat. The fog sure is hanging low there; hope it clears up for you soon so you can see some blue skies and sunshine :-)

  4. thanks ll and i'm glad i learned ya something :) its really pretty watching the wisps dance across the bay but after a few days, i'm ready for sunshine. thank goodness i had most of the day sunny yesterday. the critters and i sure enjoyed it while it lasted