Saturday, September 03, 2011

Getting Better

Last night's sunset was even better! Woke up to a much warmer day without a cloud in the sky. Thank goodness an afternoon breeze cooled it down from 95 to the mid 80's. Now the sun is behind the trees and the house is in shade, the temperature has dropped to a very pleasant 76 on my front deck. Per the weather service, it is still 91 in Tillamook.

I had both doors open this afternoon, letting the breeze air out the house. My head cold/allergy thingie was back with a vengeance earlier today but now it appears to have been blown away with the breeze. All in all, a better day that brings to mind this song:

The Beatles -- Getting Better.


  1. This late summer Oregon cold is a bee-yotch! I've had it one week and I don't think it's ever going to end! And during the best weather week yet in Portland -- wasted on a cold that makes me sleep alla time. Whatever.

    Today it smells like cedar campfire in Portland, because of the Mt Hood fire and shifting winds. I want to go get s'mores ingredients and make them on the sidewalk. It's hot AND smelly here!

  2. its horrible teddy! gotta say today was the perfect summer day at the beach -- even if i was sneezing most of the day. thank goodness the smoke didn't make it over the coast range!

  3. LoudounLib9:04 PM

    I must say that Oregon sunsets have the best colors! Sorry your weather has been so hot, and also sorry for you and Teddy suffering with colds and allergies...ugh. Hope you both feel better soon!

  4. they are spectacular ll -- it wasn't too hot inside the house and once that breeze started up, it cooled right down. mother nature's air conditioning.

    during tonight's sunset i noticed a lotta haze -- i believe that teddy's smoke has made it over the coast range and that i'm just too stuffed up to smell it

  5. Be careful if you exert yourself after this cold, with the smoke in the air, Suzanne -- it can clobber you pretty quickly. We've been down for the count today, and the fire's getting bigger, not smaller.

    I know you have some "domestic busi-ness" on the program soon (cough ** Nana White Gloves Cough**) so I wanted to remind you to take it easy coming out of your cold with the smoke in the air. They were warning about it on the local news tonight -- it did reach the coast, but I couldn't tell if it reached your coast. The top of Mt St Helens was completely obscured by the smoke this afternoon. Very strange.

  6. i noticed it showed up around sunset tonight teddy. very colorful pictures from the smoke particles in the air. very hazy but no smell of smoke like you have in pdx.

    i promise to take it easy - i've got several weeks left...

  7. I can't get over how much hotter it is down there. It's been amazingly pleasant around the Sound.

    Take care of that cold.

  8. thanks cujo -- weather doodette said tonight that the coast will be cooler tomorrow than today with ocean breezes pushing back against that east wind -- and i'm sure the portland gets hot so i get fog thingie will show up at some point.

    i'm hoping the breezes clear out the smoke from the mt hood fire and the other fires on the east side of the cascades