Sunday, September 04, 2011

Spoke Too Soon

Yesterday was spectacular - just look at last night's sunset through the trees:

After sunset and just before everything faded to dark:

The smoke from the Mt. Hood fire and the other fires in the Cascades and central Oregon reached me just before sunset and gave everything a hazy look (and a lot of particles in the air to reflect color). Here you can see the haze looking up at Cape Lookout:

I was so amped when I saw the haze -- figured for sure I would have a repeat of last night's colorful sunset tonight. I fear I jinxed myself - look at today:

Socked in foggy all day long. Temps in the mid to high 60's most of the afternoon. It got down into the 40's last night (brrrr) but it is still in the mid 50's right now. I went from short sleeves light cotton clothing yesterday to a fleece hoodie today. Was great sleeping weather last night tho -- nice and cool and I'm hoping for a repeat tonight. Don't think I'll get it -- that thick fog blanket is gonna keep it much warmer.

The record still stands at 4 days in a row of sunshine... didn't see hide nor hair of the sun today.


  1. Argh. Stupid fog. Still. Wow - that top photo looked like the trees had caught fire!

  2. LoudounLib9:48 PM

    Hi Suz, wow you sure got fogged in today! At least you had some pretty sunsets to enjoy before today's grayness. Hope you get that nice sleeping temp. tonight; love those cool nights and I can't wait for them to get here!

  3. hey dana -- if ya click on it to biggify it and then click on it again, it looks like flaming coals in the trees

    hey ll -- wudda been day #5 of sunshine if it hadn't been for the fog. not a whisper of wind today so i'm sorta glad there was fog - it was the breezes yesterday afternoon that made it comfortable.

  4. Stayed in today (damn cold saps all my energy) but there seemed to be less ash and smoke in the air. We've had about 10 days of sun in a row, but no way to enjoy it because of this damn summer cold.

  5. i'm feeling better but get into trouble when i talk -- was talking to my mom tonight and started coughing and got that horrible tickle in the back of my throat. i think that is a sign that i'm getting better teddy -- i've been staying inside (other than getting my car and one run into town for supplies) and both of those trips wore me out. i'll be glad when this bug has gone the way of the dinosaurs...