Friday, September 16, 2011

She Sits

Jujube sitting! Jen emailed me this photo today as well as the one below of Julianna sleeping documenting that Julianna has indeed discovered her feet.

What a little cutie!!! I had such fun grammy-sitting Julianna earlier this week.


  1. ZOMG they grow fast! I can't believe she's sitting already! And that photo of her clutching her feet while sleeping is priceless. You're one lucky gramma!

  2. LoudounLib5:18 PM

    She looks very busy in that top photo with all of her little stuffed friends! Soooooo adorable, and I too love the feets pic ;-)

  3. dana i yam the luckiest gramma. she's perfectly adorable and looks just like her mama did at that age except for hair color.

    i love how she is grabbing at all those babies.... grabbing is her newest favorite thing

  4. hey ll -- she's growing by leaps and bounds and is starting to do a little (wee little) bit of scooting on her belly.... once she figures out how to get those legs to do what she wants.... she's gonna be mobile!

  5. Very nice thanks for sharing.

  6. thanks jakarta -- glad you enjoyed the pics

  7. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Mobile soon? Uh-oh!
    Love the foot-clutching pic. It is exactly the yoga pose (I recently learned) called "rocking baby."
    (It's a pose to relax and un-tense the back, etc. Surprise!)
    Cutie pie!
    Anonymous Cheryl/tejanarusa

  8. hey tejan -- rocking baby? too funny - i'll have to let jen know about that one... jujube is doing yoga!!! she sure was relaxed -- so relaxed she was sound asleep *laughing*