Thursday, September 16, 2010


Am home from picking up Token at the vet's. Sure was hard dropping him off last night -- he gave me puppy dog eyes when I handed him over to the vet tech for his sleepover. While he was under anesthesia, they trimmed his nails, gave him his vaccinations, and did a couple other procedures he doesn't like.

He is doing well but is still groggy. Poor little guy had 3 extractions so the bill was a wee bit more than I had hoped for. My trip up to the Seattle area to sight see and visit with friends is on hold until I restock the cookie jar. I hope to be able to head up there after winter is over so I've got plenty of time to save up. I don't like driving on ice and/or snow -- and on the plus side, springtime is so pretty up here so it will be an enjoyable trip.

Token is curled up in his bed next to my chair at the computer report. He sipped a wee bit of water when he got home, gave Bailey cat a half-hearted tail wag in her direction, and climbed into his bed. He's on no food and limited water until 6pm when he is allowed to get a wee bit of soft food. If he holds that down (he's not had problems after previous dental procedures), he should be good to go for all food and water by 7pm.

He was sent home very well medicated. I was given a baggie with his pain meds - one dose per day of the liquid in the syringes for 3 days starting tomorrow. The meds are slightly sweet and he has lapped them up in the past so I anticipate no problems -- unlike the trying to give him a pill experience. Token's chart at the vets now has bold letters "DOES NOT DO PILLS".

He's cute but he's stubborn. Today, he's cute, stubborn and has a goofy grin on his face.


  1. LoudounLib7:42 PM

    Aw, Token!! He looks completely relaxed, and I'm sure he's so glad to be back with you -- as you are to be with him :-) Glad he did well today.

  2. he did really well ll. he is currently eating a wee bit of soft food (thank goodness i had some canned in the house).

    he slept at my feet for 2 and 1/2 hours... he's gonna need to save a tree as soon as he's done with dinner.

    sure is good to have him home -- he may be little but his absence creates a huge hole

  3. LoudounLib8:04 PM

    They do have a way of carving out a special place in our homes and our hearts, don't they? :-)

  4. the vet tech offered to take him home to her house -- he's a heart stealer with fur and a wagging tail

  5. Do you have a pill popper? I absolutely had to have it for one of the cats. Once it's loaded, all you have to do is lever the jaw open a little and push it in.

    Sorry you won't be coming up to Seattle.

  6. Heh. Looks like I'll have to leave my heart in a safe deposit box when I come to see ye! I lose my heart to a dog, my cat will never forgive me.

    So glad he's doing well. Pets have this tendency to become the center of the universe, and the universe ain't no good without a center. Not too great with a center that's having medical issues, either!

    Sorry about Seattle. But on the bright side, it looks to be nasty weather until spring, so it'll be better then anyway!

  7. never heard of such a thang cujo. i've shoved them way back and halfway down his throat and he still manages to spit them out.

  8. hey dana -- he really is the cutest dog in the world, 10 lb category, and as long as he is the only cute dog around, he's got the sweetest disposition :)

    maybe we can get some shots of the spring wildflowers

  9. Your vet should know what a pill popper is. They may not work as well on dogs, but yours is about the same size as a cat, so I figured the physics would be similar.

    There's even an instructional video on the subject. Poor Vincent. He was not a happy camper by the end of that video.

  10. ohmystars cujo, poor vincent. i would not be a happy camper either after being rolled up like a burrito in a towel and having pills stuffed down my throat.

    that pill popper looks interesting.

    luckily, token's pain meds are liquid and he laps them up and then licks the syringe looking for more. vet said it has a sweet taste that dogs like -- and token sure does.

  11. Suz Tucker sends best Woofs to Token ☺
    He is a cutie Suz but as you know we have our own little heart stealer around here who just loves to show off for company...

  12. hey nahant -- token sends tucker a tail wag and a woof of thanks

  13. That dog does it HIS way. What a dog. Yer lucky he has you.


  14. hey larue -- very lucky indeed. never thought of myself as a dog kinda person but he just stole my heart.