Monday, September 13, 2010


Just before sunset:

A wee bit after sunset:

Token got his pre-dental antibiotic shot today. I drop him off at the vet's Wed late afternoon for a sleepover. His cleaning is set for 8:15am and I don't do 8am well at all. The tech said his tail never stopped wagging and he didn't seem the least bit bothered by the injection.


  1. Dogs are remarkable. Especially Token! I hope his cleaning goes well, and that he has a good sleepover.

    8am should bloody well be outlawed.

  2. Cats can be remarkable, too. One of my cats used to purr when he was getting injections. No idea why. He just seemed to have enjoyed the attention.

  3. hey dana -- no forking kidding! luckily the vet is accommodating and provides a sleepover option.

    cujo -- amazing. bailey cat is only interested taking foot bail (hence her name). she's the most skittish critter i've ever seen. she was a rescue kitten after her feral mom and some of her littermates were killed when she was a wee thang.

  4. LoudounLib8:33 PM

    Skritches for Token when he comes home and shows off his pearly whites ;-)

  5. thanks ll -- hard to believe that his cuteness factor will go up with those extra shiny pearly whites -- and token with a goofy grin from the pain meds is too cute for words.

    will give him lotsa skritches from ya

  6. LoudounLib8:57 PM

    Re: cats and injections, or just attention from the vet in general - my Suze does pretty well at the vet and doesn't get agitated, but my late cat Callie was a hoot -- she would get a very put-upon look on her face, but took it like a little trooper with the only outward sign of agitation being that tail going "fwap fwap fwap" on the exam table...

  7. token's tail was going fwap fwap fwap when he got his shot -- and he does think he is part cat...