Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby Kumquat

Baby Kumquat's ultrasound picture taken this past Thursday.

Baby Kumquat isn't as cute sounding as Baby Grape sounded. Baby has gotten bigger (measuring 4.01 cm) so a kumquat it is.

UPDATE: Jen just let me know that last week, when this photo was taken, baby was kumquat sized. Now baby has grown to Baby Fig size.


  1. LoudounLib3:27 PM

    Grape, kumquat, fig...what's next? Jen's gonna have fun coming up with the next fruit description ;-)

    But I bet at 9 months it'll be more like baby basketball!

  2. hey ll -- from what i gather, its not jen coming up with these week by week descriptions -- not sure where they come from -- so much more info is available now vs when i was pregnant with her or her sister.

    watermelon is my guess for the last week

  3. Getting attached yet, dear?

  4. hey teddy -- youbetcha -- turns out i'm turning into one of those bragging grandmas :)

    a wee bit more than 6 months left to practice getting my brag on.