Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday Sunset

Wasn't much of a sunset tonight -- no color and the gray deepened to dark -- so I'm sharing Monday's sunset with ya.

The marine layer was present most of the day. Many times during the day I could not see the spit. Hell, at times I could not see the far point nor even the leaning tree on the closer one and then I would look a few minutes later and could see clearly. Didn't think I would see much color as the evening approached but then I saw the mist start to glow:

Shortly thereafter, the mist faded away and things started to look gray as the sun sank below the horizon.

I was about to the point of thinking that was it for color and that the dark overhead clouds were going to win when I noticed a treat starting to appear on the horizon:

My patience was rewarded with this:


  1. I loves it when sunset surprises!

  2. me too dana... the glowing mist was awesome!!!