Friday, September 24, 2010

I Not Have

funny pictures-I have not yet had my coffeh.  You haz been warned.
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Time to give Token his ear drops - something he does. not. like.


  1. Does he do the head shake afterward, or just sulk a lot?

  2. he does the low-skulk over very unhappy in an 'i don't wanna do this' when called and then tries to dance around my lap so his ears are a moving target until i get his head firmly gripped and put the drops in his ear. he does the head shake and glares at me.

    then we get to repeat the dance, grab, dose, headshake and glare with the other ear. as soon as i let go, he jumps off my lap and puts me on ignore for at least 30 minutes. he really does think he's part cat yanno.

    luckily, tuesday is his last day for the drops.

  3. Only two days till Tuesday - hang in there, you two!

    Token, you gotta remember something, kiddo. Your mama's only doing this to you because she wants you to be happy and healthy. So give her some kisses!

  4. token will forget to be mad as soon as he smells dinner cooking. the brisket will make him forget -- until it is time for his nighttime drops.

    two more days!