Monday, September 06, 2010

A New Generation

Jen, me, my mom
at Jen's wedding 2 years ago

Instead of 3 generations, we will soon be 4...

In April, there will be a new addition to the family tree -- Jennifer the bride will become Jennifer the mom. She's gonna be such a wonderful mom!

I've known for a month but she wanted to keep it on the qt for a wee bit -- today she announced on Facebook "my eggo is preggo".

Woohoo -- I'm gonna be a grandma.


  1. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Congratulations, Suz!!! (And Jen!) Such wonderful news. You'll be a Grandma! I'm so happy for you. That's a stunning dress, by the way. Looks much better on you than the catalog pics. Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?? (Me, with two daughters, kinda secretly hoping for a grandson one day.)

    Loo Hoo.

  2. hey loohoo -- thanks. as a mom of two girls, i tend to be partial to girl babies -- i don't know nothing about boy babies other than changing their diapers is a lot riskier than girl babies.

  3. hey newton -- my first grandchild *contented sigh*

    hey spocko -- tis wonderful news!!!

  4. Congrats, Suz and Jen...! *g*

  5. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Maybe I'm boy wishing because I really want a girl??? I don't know. I remember actually crying at Bullocks when the second daughter moved from infant to toddler. I realized I'd never shop for a newbie girl again. Crying! Right there in the store. (Not like me!)

  6. thanks tut.

    loohoo -- i consoled myself with the 'there will be grandbabies' thought -- and it has finally come true.

  7. Anonymous12:34 AM

    How close are you? Did you say it was a two hour drive? That may be a good thing, if so. I have a girlfriend trapped with babysitting duties.

    I keep telling her to cut off the work part and just enjoy being grandma, but she feels obligated...


  8. jen is an hour and a half east of me in the portland 'burbs.

    she should enjoy the time she has with them -- babies grow up so fast and before ya know it, they are having babies themselves.

  9. Anonymous12:57 AM

    Wonderful if she'll be able to stay home and raise your grandbaby. Best of all possible worlds.

  10. That's great good news! Congratulations!

  11. Congratulations Suzanne!!!

    I did know about this awhile ago when you broke the news on one of your famous LLNs, but to read and hear about it is still fresh and exciting. I sincerely wish you and Jen all the happiness those lil ones can bring...and I am sure you both can look forward to many sweet and warm memories that the wee ones provide constantly.

    You are right about the boy grandsons, they do require a different deal...just be sure to make use of the proverbial 'pee tents' and you should be ok. I have three grandchildren, and they are an unending source of wonder and joy...

    Again, my sincere best wishes to you 'soon-to-be-grandma, and to Jen!

  12. hey one fly -- tis wonderful newws!!!

    thanks dana -- i can't wait until april

    aw, thanks edve -- i was so proud of my readers - i asked them to keep it off facebook until jen was ready to spread the word and they did.

    egregious -- another cousin!!!

  13. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Yet another new stage in your life. How exciting for you! Sending good wishes to Jen and her husband.

  14. thanks skeptic -- i'm really looking forward to meeting the grandbaby -- and, of course, the spoiling!

  15. Just the right distance, Grandma Suz -- spoil it rotten then head for the coast!

    Congrats to Jen and her hubby, they did all the "work" right? And you are so lucky to be close by, seriously. Aren't we glad we moved to Oregon!

  16. hey teddy -- tis a very good thing indeed. i foresee a lot more trips over the hill in my future....

  17. Marymac8:39 PM

    Hurray! A baby! I love babies!

  18. marymac! new baby smell is one of the best smells in the world.

  19. LoudounLib7:08 PM

    Terribly late to the party here, but just wanted to add my congrats to Jen and family, and to Grandma Suz! You are gonna have such fun with the baby :-)

  20. thanks LL -- i'm looking forward to meeting the newest member of the family -- and learning what being a grandma is all about.