Monday, February 08, 2010


This afternoon's sky has been wonderful. Bright blue with white puffy clouds and gray clouds and a foggy misty overcast -- all depending on when ya look at it. I took this a wee bit less than an hour before sunset -- those clouds along the horizon look pretty thick so I may not get much color tonight.

Haven't seen as much of the eagles this winter as I did last winter. Am hoping the spring-like temperatures will coax them out. Saw daffodils blooming alongside the road when I went into town today -- and my daffs in the big pot on the deck are up but have no flower heads yet.

My lemon thyme has survived the winter on the deck and is putting forth a lot of new growth. The other plants in the two herb planters are still looking pretty dormant or dead. My peony (which did not bloom last spring) is setting forth a lot of new growth -- am hoping moving it from the back deck to the front (bayside) deck will do the trick and it blooms this year. At the cottage by the creek in the redwoods, it wanted morning sun and shade during the afternoon -- the sun was so strong in CA that it would burn in the afternoon sun -- but it seems happier getting the softer afternoon sun up here.


  1. New growth already? Growing seasons are changing here. It used to be, as few as fifteen years ago, that the cherry trees around here would bloom about mid-March. The last few years, they've been blooming in late February or the first week of March. I expect this year they'll be really early, unless we get another freeze between now and then.

  2. down in ca, my peony would not start to send up new growth shoots until around the end of feb -- here i am 700 miles further north and the shoots are starting to friggin open up. it keeps going this way and i'll have blooms in march instead of may....

  3. LoudounLib7:31 PM

    Envious of your springlike weather out there! Here in the DeeCee area we're buried under a huge blanket of snow from the storm over the weekend. Dulles Airport recorded 32.4", and I'm five miles up the road from there. And it's snowing again tonight, oy...but we're not expecting a huge amount, thankfully.

  4. oh LL i'm so sorry. wasn't trying to be cruel to the east coasters -- have ya been able to get to work? i assume you have power now but didja lose power.

    fingers and toes crossed you only get a light dusting...

  5. LoudounLib7:38 PM

    Suz you weren't cruel at all -- matter of fact I'm smiling at the knowledge that spring will eventually get here too :-)

    We did work this past weekend, Fri thru Sun. I and several others stayed in a couple of nearby hotels Fri and Sat nights, and I finally got home to the kitteh on Sunday. Was worrying myself sick over the weekend, hoping she was ok (and she was just fine); nothing was blinking when I got home so it seems that the power stayed on here. Thank doG!

  6. *whew*

    glad you (and the kitteh) came through fine. was worried about ya and wondering if ya got snowed in at home or snowed in at work.


  7. LoudounLib7:43 PM

    Thanks Suz, and huggies back at you :-)

  8. LoudounLib7:57 PM

    Oh btw -- working the next two days, but I hope to join you at LLN sometime over the weekend -- it's been too long!

  9. saturday if ya can't make it tonight or thursday ll... always a pleasure when ya visit

  10. LoudounLib8:11 PM

    Definitely not tonight unfortunately, but possibly Thursday and/or Saturday -- will look forward to chatting with you and the pups, and exchanging utubes :-) G'night!

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