Thursday, February 25, 2010


Picked up an inch of rain from the last system that moved through. Today was the break between storms with another one coming in tonight. Gonna be windy so I need to bring in the bird feeder again but not so windy that I'm under a high wind advisory.

Tried to put on some mascara today. Alas, I need to get a magnifying mirror. I did ok with the upper lashes but trying to put mascara on my lower lashes -- mainly by feel -- made me realize this was an exercise in futility. I can't put on makeup while wearing my eyeglasses and the days of being able to do so without glasses are apparently long past. Gonna have to pick up a magnifying mirror next time I go to into town.

That inch of rain in the manual gauge brings the yearly rainfall total from October 1st to 46.27 inches.

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