Monday, February 22, 2010


No sun today in spite of what the weather dood said yesterday (laughing). The high clouds and then later arriving lower clouds completely blotted out any peaks of the sun by late afternoon and I had no color at sunset.

Rain should be here tomorrow -- probably about the time I head to the dentist for a recheck of the new lining in my upper plate. The new lining has made for a much tighter fit and less gagging. A very good thing. Got to drop off a box at the UPS store for shipping to Stephanie and then hurry back home in time to make my afternoon shift at FDL.

Had to tweak my work schedule because those forkers at ABC shifted Lost from my night off to Tuesday nights. Grrrrr. Thank goodness I work with a great buncha folks who knew that the only reason I wanted Wednesday nights off was so I could watch Lost. Tis my only must see network show (whew) so when the series is over (sad face) at the end of May, I can resume being a night owl and hanging around the dark side of the lake.


  1. The Dark Side of the Lake?
    LOL! I ain't been there much lately. Something I am missing?

  2. no babe -- i just call it that since its usually dark when i'm there -- i am rarely working during the day -- i've done some of my best work during the dark (laughing)