Sunday, February 28, 2010

Long Time Ago

I was at this show at the Oakland Colosseum Arena. My goodness how time has flown.


April 27, 1969.


  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I bet those were fun shows!

    I found an interesting music video for you. Not my usual cup of tea music-wise, but I thought the video was pretty clever--never knew you could do so much with a treadmill!

    Votus (I haven't figured out exactly how to do the profile thingy yet.)

  2. ohmystars votus that is funny -- the music isn't my thing either but that video is a hoot


    i think ya can fill in your name where it says name and url.... the google signs me in since its my blog and i have a gmail account -- not sure how it works for everyone else

  3. Votus6:50 PM

    Haha--yes, I now have my usual nom de plume.


  4. Hope you didn't have to beat some sense into too many longhairs when they got lippy getting into the wagon. Those filthy hippies and their dope-fueled sass!


    Kidding, Suz, I know this was before you 'straightened up and flew right'.

    Hendrix was always a bit hit-and-miss live - incendiary one night and abysmal the next, due to his lifestyle and the brutal tour routing of his greedy management - but this concert sounds like one of the good nights when he was in a space to be and not just exist.
    Like Jack Bruce said (regarding a night when Hendrix was jamming with Cream onstage), "That was the night that Jimi almost got in tune."


  5. hey db -- he was in the groove for this show. here it is -- 40 years later -- and i still remember how great of a show it was. chicago was on the bill (in their chicago transit authority days before they were forced to change their name). and i remember how the j's would start at one end of the row and work their way down and on to the next row -- twas a memorable evening.

  6. I don't want to hear about this sketchy concertgoing behavior of yours, young lady! (fingers in ears) LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!


    Terry Kath, the guitar player from CTA/Chicago was one of the few peers who pinned Jimi's eyelids back - Shame he didn't respect firearms as much as he should have.

  7. db -- there is a reason (well actually more than one) i had my juvenile record sealed (laughing)

    chicago blew the audience away and set the expectation bar pretty high when jimi took the stage. horns and rock and roll!