Friday, February 19, 2010

Purple Haze

Bet you were thinking it was gonna be the Jimi song (laughing)

Tonight's sunset was very nice. Had high clouds that came in this afternoon that dulled the bright blue skies of the past few days -- was totally worth it to get a magnificent sunset with purple hues in the clouds.

Been using the manual rain gauge and realized I've not updated online. I picked up 3 inches of rainfall last week and another inch and one quarter earlier this week. No rain the past several days -- not even any drizzle! Adding 4.25 inches to the annual rainfall total bringing us to 45.27 inches since October 1st.

Speaking of Jimi....


  1. Yer Haze is allus my amaze . . *G*

    Nice pics, nice words . .

    A wonderland, indeed, as you showcase it.



  2. thanks larue -- twas a hard road that brought me here but now that i'm here ... tis a good thing