Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Storms And A Bird

Another storm is headed this way -- but the weather dood says it won't be as bad as Monday's storm. The winds are only predicted to get up to 70 mph (as opposed to the 98 mph gust down in Newport Monday night).

Yesterday, in the calm between storms, I spotted this guy out on the marsh below the roses. This is the area that floods when we get really high tides and ya can see it's relationship to the bay better in the below picture. Tis the foreground and the fingers of the largest stand of water in the lower right is where the little guy was hanging out.

Total rainfall to date is 14.48 inches. Weather dood said we could get up to 3 inches between now and Friday.

Saw my dentist today. Dr. A did the final tweak on the palate fit for the new upper plate and selected the tooth color. My next appointment is 12/11 -- Dr. T (the traveling dentist) will be there to remove the 5 remaining upper teeth and Dr. A will then fit the upper plate. I will walk out of the office with more teeth than I walked in with.

A very good thing.


  1. Wow, yer 12/11 is gonna be fuckin epic!?!?!?!?!

    You get toofs pulled, but plates fitted IN?

    With all the stuffing and meds for the uppers being pulled?

    I'm missing something, and it don't matter.

    What matters is yer gonna look and feel MAHVALOUS, DAHLING!!


    Gotta be exciting to be this close to it all!


  2. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Great News, Suzanne. Fingers crossed that the reality meets your expectations. Just be sure you have lots of pain relievers on hand and it wouldn't hurt to have someone nearby to turn on the heat under the soup for a couple of days. I've been following this saga as closely as your great move north. Exciting times! Skeptic

  3. hey larue and skeptic

    yuup gonna be a big day indeed. i figure the vicodin will be the first thing i grab when i get home -- the second will be the mirror. although that might get reversed :)

    hell, i might even wear make up again afterwards...

    dr t pulls the 5 remaining teeth and dr a fits the upper plate. i'll still be numb on the right side but the left side (which already had the teeth removed) should give me a good idea of what live with an upper plate will feel like.

    santa's bringing me more than my two front teeth and in time to eat all those christmas goodies!