Monday, November 23, 2009

Odds and Ends

Another gray day at the peaceful retreat on the bay. But -- there was no wind blowing and we warmed up into the 50's today. Insert mental image of me doing a modified version of the Snoopy Happy Dance here.

Drove into town and ran errands. All the color has been stripped off the trees by last week's winds and I can see snow on the highest mountain tops. I drove over the Coast Range yesterday and noticed snow at the summit (1500 feet) but the roads were clear. It wasn't a lot of snow but... tis the time of year when weather and road conditions have to be checked before heading out.

Weather dood says the snow levels should stay above the 1500 foot level this week -- a good thing since I have to go over the range to get to Jen's on Thanksgiving. A total role reversal for us this year -- Jen is cooking Thanksgiving Dinner (her first year doing so) and her brother and sister in law and their teens will also be there. Jen promised to send me home with lotsa leftovers.

I love the day after Thanksgiving dive into leftovers. Turkey rice soup (turkey, stuffing, veggies, gravy, yams - basically most of the Thanksgiving leftovers and then add some rice). Open faced turkey sandwiches with gravy and cranberries. Not even going to get started on the desserts (laughing). I've always loved cooking Thanksgiving dinner knowing I will have all those leftovers to play with.

One of my landlord's cats has taken to hanging out on the deck railing near the rose that tries to eat the stairs. She is gorgeous and appears to be in a turf war with Bailey cat. Bailey tries to avoid I-you-me (unsure of spelling) after their cat fight on the deck last week.

Bailey used my taking this photo as her opportunity to streak past us and run inside the open front door (laughing). I'm sure they will eventually work out a resolution.


  1. not cats!! It is what they call "Cat Fights"!!

  2. well its not really a fight -- mainly hissing and loud meowing. so far they are all loud noises and no claws have been deployed :)

  3. sounds like a "Cat Fight" to me... Just wait one of them will decide "They" are the King of the porch!!

  4. bailey is a wuss -- she is named for her propensity to take foot bail at the slightest excuse. she's not a fighter -- i think she must be in touch with her inner chicken. iyoume has been king (i guess queen is the more accurate term) of the 2 acre site since long before we moved in -- bailey is having a hard time finding her pecking order with the other cats since other cats terrify her so much she runs and hides.