Saturday, November 21, 2009

Patience Rewarded

It has been gray all week. I know there is a blue sky up above the gray blanket covering the bay -- just haven't seen it in in a while.

Current rainfall total since October 1st is 16.16 inches. A wet November, which is fine by me. Around 4pm tonight, I noticed a wee bit of color along the spit:

Wasn't a lot but it was enough to give me hope for something nice to share with my readers. Sunset today was at 4:40 pm -- a wee bit before sunset my patience was rewarded with this:

Within two minutes of taking this picture, the clouds returned for the evening. Another storm forecast to hit tomorrow and we are under another high wind watch starting tomorrow afternoon -- anticipated gusts of 60 mph.

Token, Bailey Cat, and I are inside with the fire blazing -- tis 41 outside and the breeze has a bitter bite to it. Tis a damp cold that goes right to the bone. I'm off to a hot bath to warm up the inner me.


  1. I think the thing I hate worst about this time of year is the wind. The cold and rain I can deal with, mostly. The wind makes the electricity go away, knocks down fences, and damages roofs.

    Can we just go straight to April now?

  2. hey cujo -- the fall has had a bitter bite to it. that forking wind makes it worse - driving the damp cold into my bones.

    brrrr i hear its an el nino year and that december will be warmer and drier with our storms headed to ca

  3. I hear that it will be warmer and wetter, with India's storms going to California, but I guess we'll see. So far, it's been pretty wet, that's for sure.

  4. local weather dood down here said it was proving to be a gangbuster november but the switch would be turned off in december.

    17.78 inches since october 1st is pretty forking wet cujo!