Sunday, November 08, 2009

High Tide and Sunset

Had some high tides the past couple of days. Coupled with the high surf warning (with waves of 25 feet or more crashing onto the shore), I'm glad I'm on the bay instead of ocean front.

This is Wednesday afternoon's high tide. As you can see, the tree on the bank separating the creek from the little marshy flat that sits below the roses was surrounded. That marshy area is usually dry in my pictures but the occasional very high tide envelopes it. The creek is on the other side of the tree.

This was right before sunset Wednesday. Love the way the sun's rays are highlighted by the clouds.

And this was Thursday's sunset. Was overcast all day today but the sun made a brief appearance just before sunset. As soon as the sun did set, the lightning and thunder fired up. Had a couple heavy hail bands pass through along with some thunder that made the house shake. Makes 3 nights in a row we've had thunder and lightning.

Token and Bailey no longer panic from thunder and lightning. Bailey doesn't hide under the bed but she is very very alert with her ears perked up and forward. After the huge make the house shake thunder, she turned her back to the storm and faced the sofa back.

Token isn't barking at the wind but he sure did whimper at the hail. That loud thunderboomer made him leap off the sofa and demand some lap time.

Total rainfall to date is 8.82 inches. An inch since yesterday and almost two inches since this series of storms started to move through. Snow falling in the Cascades -- the ski season has begun for those that do that sorta thing.

The eagles are back. Saw one flying on what we call Pelican Point. It is the point with the tilted tree that the brown pelicans love to hang out at. I look forward to spending the non-tourist season at the peaceful retreat on the bay with them.

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