Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Coming Ashore

Didn't get as cold as predicted last night -- only 46 instead of the 37 of the night before. Today was sunny but it was a filtered sunshine instead of the bright sunshine of yesterday. No wind at all as I took this first picture about 20 minutes before sunset. Notice the mirror like bay waters reflecting the sun.

The the winds started to blow and the scene was instantly changed.

Within five minutes the sun was completely hidden by clouds. The storm's leading clouds rode the wind in and raced across the sky.

Weather dood said there is rain forecast every day for the next 7 days. Ah, November has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest. I love standing out on the deck -- the wind whipping my hair and clothes. I feel so alive standing out in the elements -- arms outstretched and welcoming. Makes me think of the women of yesteryear, with long hair and long skirts standing on this deck watching similar storms come in.


  1. Was out in that direction a couple years ago visiting my cousin in Yelm, WA. Incredibly beautiful, what I referred to as "Aw shit did you see that?!" country. Everywhere we turned, it was more beauty, and you've captured it well in these early-morning photos.


  2. They were probably wondering how they were going to get the days washing to dry.

  3. hey pearl -- thanks for visiting. these are early evening photos -- i don't do mornings anymore unless forced to (laughing) and there is no one around to force me too.

    hey onefly -- sure toss some cold water on my historical fantasy. dammit now ya made me think of that growing pile of laundry to do.

  4. Sorry bout that-just what popped up in the bean

  5. *laughing* no problem one fly -- twas my historical fantasy not yours. as penance, wanna come over and do that stack for me?