Monday, March 16, 2009

Mother Earth

Gov't Mule - Mother Earth.

Mother Nature has been making us more aware of her presence since Friday. Rainstorms, hail, gusty winds that one has to lean into to make any progress walking, sunshine and rainbows quickly followed by more rain, and the wind only eases. I forking love it (laughing). Token still gets all agitated when it hails and he and Bailey will stare at the living room windows as if they are not quite sure that whatever it is out there isn't gonna end up in here.


  1. Hasn't this been something? On Sunday I think we had every form of precipitation here. The morning started with snow, which changed to rain, which changed to hail, which changed back to rain again before becoming sleet.

    I think that's all of them. Anyway, it's all the ones I want to experience in a day.

  2. Was only missing hurricanes and tornadoes but we sure did have the wind. no show tho