Sunday, March 29, 2009


Cold. Wet. Windy. Another blustery day on the bay. Stephanie is gone for the weekend, visiting a friend from church in the Portland area and has my camera with her.

Have been enjoying the howl of the wind, watching the small whitecaps on the bay as they crash into the old dock pilings. Tonight, I can hear the roar of the crashing surf of the Pacific on the other side of the spit. I celebrated Earth Hour with all lights off except for that glowing from my computer and a blazing fire. Outdoors, nothing changed. The street lamp still shined on the road and I could still see the light across the point. Rainy and overcast so I haven't been able to stargaze.

This week has felt like January instead of a few days away from April. I see blooming daffodils and buds starting to form on the apple trees but the air has a cold bite to it still. My peony has started to bud but hasn't leafed out yet - a good thing with the blowing wind.

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