Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Legal (Again)

Yikes - turns out my California driver's license expired on my birthday in October!

Stephanie drove me to the DMV where a very nice and helpful clerk helped me become legal again. I am now the proud owner of an Oregon Drivers License with the worst DMV picture of me ever - hands down beating the worst CA DMV picture. Oy. The good news is the license was only $59 and is good for 8 years. I also learned what I need to do to register my car in Oregon (I have to get a duplicate pink slip from CA since mine is still in storage in CA). I can get a maximum of two temporary Trip Permits, each good for 21 days for a total of 42 days. The clerk recommended I send off for the duplicate and then come in and get the temporary Trip Permit.

Rain in the forecast but I knew that looking at the clouds. It feels like rain but does not smell like rain - yet.

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