Saturday, March 07, 2009

Not Quite Spring

The weather reminds me that it is not quite spring yet. There is snow in the forecast for later today until Monday. Steph is not going to be able to head to church this weekend due to predictions of up to several inches in the Coast Range, which she has to cross in order to get to the Portland area. Could even be a dusting of snow in Portland and the valley floor.

As for me, I was out on the deck a few ago, watching the eagles flying over the point in lazy circles when a red head and throat hummingbird buzzed by my head. He/she stopped and took a look at me (or perhaps looking for a feeder) before buzzing lickity split towards the hollies and their bright red berries on the north side of the house. I heard the buzz first and thought it was a large red insect when I realized it was hovering and was a hummingbird. About that same time I realized what it was, off it took for the berry side of the house.

Tis a cold gray day today. Currently only 43 outside and the afternoon breeze has begun, making it feel colder. Temperature is already dropping. I don't think we will get as much snow as we did in December and it will not last nearly as long. This should be more like the snow last week, melting quickly here at sea level.

The eagle pair has made their way to this part of the bay and have scattered the birds feeding at the water line as the bay empties - not quite at the peak of this afternoon's low tide. As soon as the eagles have moved on, the birds will return to continue eating at the tide line.

Pictures are from last nite's sunset. The actual sun set has moved north out of my line of sight now that the days are getting longer. Will be nice - fabulous sunsets in the winter when there is so much gray around and protection from the heat of the sun by the large trees on the northwest side.

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